Ten Thousand Villages 

in Glenwood Springs, CO

A big THANK YOU to everyone who volunteered and who shopped at this year’s Ten Thousand Villages Fair Trade Gift Festival! “We sold $23,469 of products (our highest total ever!) to help artisans around the world in developing countries earn a fair wage for their ingenuity, work, and amazing craftsmanship!” 

      Help local craftspeople make a living where they live. Purchase handcrafted, fairly traded home décor, personal accessories and jewelry, gift items, toys, holiday items and more at the Annual International Gift Festival in Glenwood Springs. These items from 38 countries are made available through Ten Thousand Villages, a retailer with the mission to provide vital, fair income to Third World people by marketing their handicrafts and telling their stories in North America.  Check back for information about a sale next year and look for gifts you might have missed by going to  Fair Trade Gifts & Crafts | Ten Thousand Villages 

Thank you for your continuing support of fair trade 

Each Item Is Fairly Traded And Finely Crafted 

by Skilled Artisans Around The World.