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E-Waste Recycling opportunity,

June 16, 9am-1pm, Good Shepherd parking lot.

Bring your used, no longer needed electronics stuff and put it to a better future use.

Thank Blue Star Recyclers and Glenwood Rotary for the opportunity.

If you or anyone you know needs help

or a comforting call, please let us know, and see

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Be safe during these challenging times, help each other

and keep our communities, families and members in your prayers

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information on a special sale event, June 18 and 19.

Welcome to our website!

We are "both-and" people in an "either-or" world.

We trust that we (and all people) are both beloved by God just as we are and also continually falling short of God's intentions for us -- works in progress.

Our worship tends to be both traditional and also innovative.

The worldview that shapes our teaching and preaching is both rooted in Lutheran grace-centered theology and also informed by other faith traditions and by scientific, historical, cultural, etc. inquiry.

Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Glenwood Springs Colorado

Here's the welcome statement we print in our weekly worship bulletin:

In God’s name, we welcome atheists, cynics, doubters, seekers, and believers of all stripes; gays and straights; conservatives, progressives, and independents; wealthy and poor; individuals and every sort of family; scoundrels, rascals, jerks, self-righteous, and sinners of all types; those who are broken, lost, and hopeless. ALL are welcome, as we are, in order that ALL may be transformed by God in Christ.

We warmly invite you to join us for worship or any of our other events:

Come as you are -- we'll save you a seat.

Pastor Jeff Carlson

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Through Good Shepherd God loves the world.